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Chapter 72 Company Rumors

  • Meanwhile, on the top floor of Solare Technologies, Shen Yu’an looked at the photos that the PR department had sent him. He pursed his lips and kept silent.
  • In the photo were one male and one female sitting in a cafe and drinking coffee together. The pixels were poor, and it was hard to discern the expressions on their faces. The whole scene looked normal.
  • However, the next photo was more shocking. The man had grabbed thew woman’s hand, and they leaned over each other as if they were locking lips.
  • The last photo was that of the woman walking out of the cafe, and she was none other than Su Meng.
  • Shen Yu’an stared at the three photos for a while and merely asked the PR department head whose head was lowered, “Do you, the department head, have a plausible reason for running back and forth just to take these photos?”
  • Startled by the CEO’s glacial tone, the head of PR department stuttered, “I.... I....”
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