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Chapter 71 You Two Remarry

  • Su Meng thought it was Zhao Zhijun who had completely lost his mind and not her. Otherwise, why else had he mentioned remarrying?”
  • “Are you insane?”
  • Zhao Zhijun maintained his sincere look of conviction, stared fixedly at Su Meng and explained, “Meng Meng, I’m being serious. I’ll send the divorce papers to Liu Liyun today, and from now on, I’ll take good care of you and Yankai.”
  • “If you are ill, remember to take your medicine. Don’t say nonsense to creep people out!” Su Meng really thought that Zhao Zhijun had gone mad. She picked up her bag and readied to leave.
  • Just then, Zhao Zhijun suddenly grabbed her hand and pleaded, “Meng Meng, I’m truly sorry! Please forgive me! The child needs to grow up in a healthy environment. We can’t ruin his future because of our moment of selfishness!”
  • Su Meng wanted to laugh. Without hesitation, she forcefully knocked his hand away and chided, “Hah! How ironic! Rather than that, me reconciling with you will be the true demise of Little Kai Kai’s future! Who the hell wants an irresponsible, immoral father who can’t even control his lower half?! Not to mention, you aren’t his father!”
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