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Chapter 7 Mockery

  • Compared to Liu Liyun from five years ago, the one who stood before her had undergone a great transformation. She donned haute couture brands from head to toe. Even her GC purse was worth at least 100,000. The bag's zipper was currently torn and visibly dangling in midair.
  • Her face seemed to have gone under the knife. Her nose was much straighter now, and her eyes were much bigger, appearing more seductive than before. However, her overall face looked strangely swollen from possible injections.
  • With one glance, it was apparent that Li Liyun was living a good life. Su Meng surmised that Zhao Zhijun was doing well too.
  • As Su Meng eyed Liu Liyun, Liu Liyun eyed her at the same time.
  • Plain T-shirt, jeans, white flats, and an out-of-style bag. No jewelry nor watch on her whatsoever.
  • How cheap.
  • Liu Liyuan crossed her arms across her chest and looked at Su Meng with a sympathetic look on her face. "Tut-tut, Su Meng. Seems like you've been living quite a sad life. My bag here costs more than 100,000. Assuming that you won't be able to pay for the damage, you should scurry back to where you came from."
  • This shopping mall was full of flagship stores that sold luxury goods. Liu Liyuan didn't think that Su Meng could afford anything from her and assumed that she had brought her son here just for the air conditioning.
  • Before Su Meng could reply, Little Kai Kai had grown fed up with Liu Liyuan. He coldly glared at her and retorted, "Ugly aunty, you were the one who ran into my Mama. She didn't even ask you for damages, so how can you be the first to ask for money?! Are you one of those incident-faking extorsionists?!"
  • Incident-faking extorsionist was a term that he had learned from Google prior to returning to Su Meng's home country. He had heard that some people in C Country liked to pretend to stumble and fall and then ask the other party to pay for medical treatment, even though they were clearly uninjured.
  • Su Meng had the look of someone who was prone to bullying. As the family's only man, he had to protect his Mama from all forms of harm.
  • Liu Liyuan hadn't imagined Su Meng's shabbily-dressed son could be so retaliatory. With just three simple sentences, he had successfully inflamed her. She just had her injections, so it was natural of her face to be swollen. But it certaintly didn't warrant the response of being called ugly.
  • Arguing with a child would make her seem too petty. As a result, she targeted the adult instead. "Su Meng, your child is so mannerless! How can he say something like that?! I never intended for you to pay for my damaged bag because I'm giving you a pass based on our past relationship. Have some shame since you are in the wrong!"
  • Su Meng abhorred hearing the word "mannerless". To make matters worse, the one who had said it was none other than the woman who had ruined her family, Liu Liyun.
  • She crouched down, hugged the irate Little Kai Kai, and kissed him. "Darling, Mama knows that you want to protect me, but I can handle this myself. Stay to the side and wait for Mama, okay?"
  • Little Kai Kai had wanted to sweep the ugly woman away as if she was trash, but since his Mama had already decided, he chose not to interfere.
  • He pouted his lips, nodded, and obediently stood behind Su Meng. Little Kai Kai then took out his cellphone and rapidly moved his fingers across the screen.
  • Mama had only told him to wait on the side, but she had not told him that he couldn't do anything else.
  • Su Meng stood up, glimpsed at Liu Liyun's bag, and mocked, "Liu Liyun, to think that you're still as stupid as ever. This bag of yours is a well-designed counterfeit, but it costs 1000 at most. How substandard can you get to ask me to pay over 100,000 for it?!"
  • She hadn't noticed anything unusual about the bag at first glance, but upon noticing the broken zipper, she had realized that it was a high-quality knock-off.
  • The zipper's color was off, and the rip meant that the material was cheap. It was undoubtedly fake.
  • The two women faced off each other by the entrance of the mall and attracted eyes from the passerbys.
  • Their ears picked up keywords such as "more than 100,000" and "scam artist" from the onlookers. Many of them began to stare and point fingers at Liu Liyun.
  • "This person's too shameless! This mall is for the wealthy, but here's a woman with a fake product in an attempt to con people. How sickening!"
  • "She's like fool's gold. How can she do such a thing?!"
  • Someone even advised Su Meng to call the police. "Miss, it's better that you report this to the police. There are CCTVs here. No need to fear her!"