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Chapter 69 He Is Not Your Father

  • So angry at the thought that Zhao Zhijun wanted to legally fight her over Little Kai Kai’s custody that dizziness overcame her, she muttered, “Has Zhao Zhijun lost his mind?! He’s a psycho!”
  • When all was quiet, Little Kai Kai finally opened his door.
  • He stood by the door, looked at Su Meng’s complexion which had turned ashen, and cautiously walked up to her.
  • His bright black eyes bore into her and queried, “Mama, that person’s name is Zhao Zhijun. He’s the head manager of a clothing company. Is he.... Is he my Papa? Will you marry him?”
  • Su Meng thought that Little Kai Kai had been greatly frightened by the incident earlier. She then reached out to pull him onto her lap and hugged him tightly, using her warmth to solace him.
  • “He isn’t your father. Don’t listen to his nonsense.”
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