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Chapter 68 He Is my Son

  • Livid, she went to her room, grabbed the copy of their divorce decree, and showed it to the policeman. “Look, we’re already divorced. I have no relation with this man at all. He’s clearly harassing me!”
  • The policeman looked at the decree, and the time written on it was five years ago.
  • He then returned the paper to Su Meng, walked a few steps forward, and halted Zhao Zhijun from further knocking. “Stop! You and this Madam divorced five years ago! Do not cause anymore ruckus here! Let’s go!”
  • The middle-aged policeman had met all types of offenders in his career. He exuded a fearsome, authoritative bearing and coupled with his uniform, the average person normally did not dare to go against his words.
  • However, Zhao Zhijun was not afraid of him.
  • He walked up to Su Meng, pulled out the paternity test report, and reasoned, “Su Meng, I know that you are angry with me and even despise me. That’s alright! But you cannot deny me from recognizing my son!”
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