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Chapter 63 I Am Not KU

  • One fancy dish after another was served. The ambrosial scent filled the room, yet neither of them had the appetite.
  • After all the dishes had been served, the two of them was still in no mood to eat.
  • The door suddenly opened again. The served delivered a large plate of crayfish and said, “Dear honored guests, this is the first-year anniversary of our restaurant. To commemorate this, our manager is offering each table a plate of crayfish.”
  • There weren’t many crustaceans on the plate, but they were quite large in size. The redness of the crayfishes appeared especially festive.
  • Just when the server had placed the plate on the table, he had slipped a note to Shen Yu’an.
  • Shen Yu’an discreetly glimpsed the note. Written on it was: “Be the first to start the conversation such as 1) weather, 2) stocks, or 3) F country.”
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