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Chapter 6 Meet by Chance

  • Upon looking at the language on the screen, Su Yankia's chubby cheeks lifted up with a faint smile. He then coolly jumped down from the luggage, stuffed his hands in his pockets, and walked towards the exit of the airport. With a baby voice, he commanded, "Mama, let's go!"
  • Su Meng dragged her luggages, followed him, and motioned the stunned Zhang Xiaoyun to get moving. "Xiaoyun, come on."
  • Once they had reached the air-conditioned car, Zhang Xiaoyun who had been shocked by the four-year-old child's programming skills finally snapped back to reality and curiously looked at Su Yankai who sat beside Su Meng.
  • "Miss Su, is your child really four?"
  • This was not the first time that Su Meng had been asked this. She grabbed a water bottle, handed it to Little Kai, and replied, "That's right. It's just that my darling Kai Kai has an unusually high IQ and astounding study skills. He learned it for half a year from our neighbor who is a programmer himself, but they're just simple stuff."
  • She hadn't spoken the full truth.
  • Her son's IQ was at 250. At six-months-old, he had already learned to speak and had exceptional memory retention. At four years old, not only could he program, he was also taking high-school courses and could speak six languages.
  • Programming hadn't been taught by any neighbor but had been self-taught.
  • She had never wished for her son to be amazing. She only wanted him to grow up happy and healthy. Thus, whenever someone asked her about him, she never spoke the truth.
  • Zhang Xiaoyun wanted to play with Little Kai Kai, so she took out a marshmallow candy and handed it to him. "Little Kai Kai, I'm Auntie Xiaoyun."
  • To her surprise, Little Kai Kai turned his face the other way, ignored her, and buried his head into Su Meng's embrace.
  • Su Meng awkwardly smiled at Xiaoyun and explained, "He's shy around strangers."
  • Zhang Xiaoyun instantly accepted her explanation and even thought that Su Meng's son was a very cool kid. Along the entire trip, she tried to inquire Su Meng more about Little Kai Kai.
  • Su Meng wanted to answer her, but she was afraid that her son would be upset. Thus, she asserted, "My darling's too shy. We can talk about this another time."
  • Zhang Xiaoyun nodded a few times. Her son was just too interesting.
  • After she had escorted Su Meng and her son to the employer-provided apartment and returned to the company, Zhang Xiaoyun quickly messaged the company's WeChat group about Su Meng had a genius son.
  • Although the dozen employees at VG's Hai City branch office have not yet met Su Meng, news of her genius son was already made known.
  • Meanwhile in her apartment, Su Meng had already organized the house and received Yuan Xinlei's call. "Meng Meng babe! Is my godson already in Hai city? I can't wait to see him!"
  • Su meng broke into a smile after she had heard Yuan Xinlei's excited voice. "Yeah, yeah. He's here. You're so heartless! All you think about is seeing your godson, but not me!"
  • Yuan Xinlei grew giddy and kissed the phone on the other hand. "It’s been more than a year since I last saw you. I missed you guys so much! I need to leave for a meeting right now, so can't talk. Let's shop and have dinner at the mall tonight."
  • "Go then. We'll meet up later."
  • Su Meng knew that Yuan Xinlei was very busy as the current CEO of her family's corporation and therefore, she did not hold her up.
  • Little Kai Kai originally wanted to transfer his data onto his laptop and save it there, so he didn't want to go out at all. However, under Su Meng's coaxing and promise of a new Apple Mac laptop, he was eventually dragged out the door.
  • After they had stepped out of the car, Su Meng looked at the upset Little Kai Kai, grabbed him, and kissed him forcefully on the cheek. "Ay, my baby darling, didn't Mama already promise you that I'd buy you laptop? Why are you still unhappy?"
  • Although he had an IQ of 250, he was still a child after all. Little Kai Kai looked at her with an aggrieved expression and replied, "Mama, it's too hot."
  • Hai City had reached the peak of summer, and it was currently 38 degrees outside. Anybody who stepped outside would immediately be drenched with sweat, let alone Little Kai Kai who had never taken the heat well.
  • Within a brief moment of stepping on the street, Little Kai Kai's hair on his sides were already dripping with sweat.
  • Su Meng glanced at his reddened cheeks, and her heart began to ache. Without caring what others thought, she picked up him and dashed for the shopping mall entrance.
  • Before she could put him down, someone had burst forth and bumped into her. Little Kai Kai almost flew out of her arms.
  • Su Meng's face instantly paled and quickly shielded Little Kai from the impact.
  • To her dismay, the woman who had run into her became the first to complain. "Were your eyes even opened?! You just broke my bag!"
  • With a familiar-sounding voice, Su Meng raised her head to look at the woman. Wasn't this her good old roommate from university, Li Liyun?