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Chapter 59 You Have All Misunderstood

  • After witnessing the Su Meng and Shen Yu'an's embrace this afternoon, everyone in the company was sure that Shen Yu'an and Su Meng were a couple. When they saw Su Meng return to the company with a freshened look, they all assumed that CEO Shen had solaced the terrified Designer Su. As a result, they began to surround her and inquire her for juicy gossip.s.
  • "Designer Su, how did you and CEO Shen meet? Can you share with us the details?"
  • "That's right! Who pursued who first?"
  • "How did CEO Shen comfort you this afternoon?"
  • Everyone ran their mouths and bombarded her with all sorts of questions.
  • Even Lin, who was normally antagonistic towards her, stood outside the crowd with perked ears, waiting for Su Meng's answer.
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