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Chapter 58 Believe in Science

  • When Su Meng heard this, she stopped wiping the falling tears from her face and queried, "What you're saying is that Little Kai Kai's father is possibly Shen Yu'an's uncle?"
  • "I have never contacted Shen Yu'an but people in the upper circle who know him all say that he's a workaholic, busily coding every day. I don't think that he is that man from five years ago."
  • Yuan Xinlei had said this very careful, afraid that she might trigger Su Meng's bad memories.
  • After crying for a long while, her perturbance had been swept away with the tears. Her rationality had returned again.
  • She then recalled the times that she and Shen Yu'an had met, including the time when he offered her the damaged roses. An unthinkable hypothesis formed in her mind.
  • "It can't be Shen Yu'an likes me, right?!"
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