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Chapter 57 Probably Just a Mistake

  • Yuan Xinlei was a very active cellphone user. Her phone would never leave her sight. After she had toured the daycare centers with Little Kai Kai, the two had returned home and they each found their own forms of entertainment.
  • When she had been browsing Weibo, she had found the tag "Shen Yu'an's girlfriend". Once she had clicked into it, she had been very surprised to discover a photo of her best friend, Su Meng, being embraced by Shen Yu'an.
  • So shocked that she had not even bothered to look at the picture thoroughly, she had already called Su Meng to express her astonishment.
  • Su Meng repeatedly waved her hand and dismissed the rumor. "Nothing like that. How can I date him? More like I want to run away."
  • "Then what's up with with that photo on Weibo?"
  • "What photo?" Su Meng didn't understand what was going on.
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