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Chapter 55 She's Not Blind

  • Not paying any attention to what Liu Liyun had said, Shen Yu'an got up and reached out his hand to help Su Meng up.
  • Su Meng eyed his outreached hand, ignored it, and propped herself up with the nearby rail.
  • Shen Yu'an retracted his hand, pursed his lips in displeased, and stared fixedly at Su Meng through his sunglasses.
  • Su Meng forced herself to look away from Shen Yu'an's interrogative stare and blankly looked at Liu Liyun. "Where's the proof? You say that I seduced your husband, who happens to be my ex-husband. Show me the proof."
  • Liu Liyun coldly snorted and handed her a pile of photos from her purse.
  • Su Meng looked at them and sneered, "They just show that your husband went to my house, yet you suspect him for cheating. Gee, I feel so bad for him. Your husband came to my house, stayed for not even five minutes, and left. If you don't believe me, check my community's CCTV then."
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