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Chapter 54 Beating the "Mistress"

  • Just when Su Meng was busily sketching the essence of the design, an abrupt knock on the door broke her concentration.
  • Displeased, she raised her voice but continued to draw, "Enter!"
  • A frantic Zhang Xiaoyun walked in and stuttered, "De... Designer Su! Somebody's looking for you downstairs! Hurry!"
  • Su Meng did not remember who she had a meeting with at the office today, nor could she guess who could make Zhang Xiaoyun this agitated.
  • She threw her color pencil and walked downstairs. When she reached the lower floor to the showroom, she finally understood why Zhang Xiaoyun was so panicky.
  • Six to seven muscular men with unfamiliar faces gathered in the showroom. With one glance, it was clear that they were here to seek trouble.
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