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Chapter 53 The Best Roses

  • This was the first time that Si Junyan had heard Shen Yu'an encountering a major setback. As a result, he, without hesitation, burst out laughing.
  • His laughter prompted Shen Yu'an's thin lips to tautly purse. Narrowing his eyes, he threatened him, "Laugh again, and I'll promote you to become CEO of Africa."
  • Solare Technologies had plans to enter the African market and were preparing to set up a company there.
  • Si Junyan was a hedonistic individual. Sending him to a foreign land like Africa was the equivalent of ending his life.
  • He immediately stopped laughing as if his throat had been strangled. He then warily apologized, "Boss, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. Just tell me what had happened and I'll analyze the situation for you."
  • Shen Yu'an then relayed how the HR staff had called Su Meng to offer her the position but only to be cruelly rejected. "But working in the same office is the best way of fostering a relationship. Not to mention, one million isn't a low salary. What's her reason for rejection?"
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