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Chapter 5 Darling

  • Zhang Xiaoyun glanced at the screen. To her surprise, it was full of numbers and letters that she could not understand at all. "Ms. Su, is your son doing... homework?"
  • Somewhat resigned and embarrassed, she apologized, "Sorry, Xiaoyun. My son's a bit stubborn. He enjoys programming. Since he's at the end, he won't willingly leave until it is finished. Let's just wait for him."
  • Zhang Xiaoyun forgot how many times she had been shocked after she had met Ms. Su. Still, she simply could not believe that a little child could program.
  • She almost didn't even believe her ears. "Ms. Su, but your child is not even five years old?!"
  • When she had been five years old, she was busily playing with clay in daycare, yet the little genius before her already had already learned to program.
  • Was this the difference between a genius and an average person?
  • With conflicting feelings in her expression, Su Meng held up four fingers. "He just turned four a few days ago."
  • Su Meng looked at Su Yankai with eyes full of affection. If not for this child five years ago, she would've long left this world.
  • She was very grateful for the Heaven for granting her this gift of him.
  • Five years ago, Su Meng's six-years relationship and a half-year marriage with Zhao Zhijun had ended when he and her roommate, Liu Liyun, had conspired against her and made her lose everything. Her mother had resented her as well. Crestfallen, she had left the country with her best friend, Yuan Xinlei, to put the ordeal behind her.
  • She only wanted to live a life of simplicity.
  • Her mom had already left, and she had a new family of her own.
  • Her father had passed away when she had been ten, and her grandmother also had passed away when she had turned twenty.
  • Zhao Zhijun had betrayed their marriage. Not only had he deceived her feelings, he had also taken away her the house that her grandmother had left her and the savings that her father had given her.
  • She no longer had any close ones whom she could rely on. She had thought of departing from this world.
  • If Yuan Xinlei had not discovered that something was amiss with her, Su Meng would have already died of blood loss.
  • At the same time, it was in the hospital where Su Meng had found out that she had been pregnant for one month already.
  • She and Zhao Zhijun had not made love in half a year since then. The only explanation was she had been impregnated around the time when she had been drugged.
  • She had once hated the bastard who had taken advantage of her, but upon finding out that she had been pregnant, Su Meng had felt somewhat thankful towards that stranger.
  • She had thanked him for giving her a loved one, a loved one from her flesh and blood.
  • While carrying the child within her, she had renewed her will to live and picked up her papers and pencils again.
  • Her university major had been apparel design, but Zhao Zhijun had said that her innocent personality was not a good fit for the complex fashion industry. She had believed his words to be true, and thus, after graduation, she had tested to become a government employee.
  • F Country's Paris City was the fashion capital of the world. It was every designer's paradise.
  • Su Meng had reconnected with her mentor in Paris and, through his recommendation, became an assistant designer at F Country's well-known fashion house, VG. With diligence and hard efforts, she had been promoted to designer in three years.
  • Now that C Country had become the world's largest consumer market of luxury goods, VG headquarters wanted to expand to C Country and take a share. With consideration that Su Meng is a citizen of C Country, VG had sent her to the branch office in Hai City.
  • Slack-jawed, Zhang Xiaoyun stared as Su Yankai finished programming and clicked the enter key. The language on the screen immediately came to life and control tables were created one after another.
  • Even though she didn't understand what was on the screen, she couldn't help but admit that the four-year-old Su Yankai was indeed a genius boy who excelled in programming.