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Chapter 49 Little Kai's Gone!

  • After hearing Su Meng's interrogation, Teacher Wang's heart skipped a beat. "Yankai's mother, were you not the one who picked him up?"
  • Su Meng was on the brink of tears and she began to stutter, "I was in a traffic jam and just arrived by the school gate. Please try to remember who picked up Little Kai Kai!"
  • Affected by Su Meng's emotional state, Teacher Wang panicked as well. "But Yankai said that his mother was picking him up!"
  • Su Meng bit her finger until it turned completely red, suppressed the fear and anger with whatever rationality that she had left, and asked, "Can you detail the features of the person who picked up Little Kai Kai?"
  • Teacher Wang held her breath and timidly answered, "No... I didn't notice ."
  • After school had ended, she led her class's students in a line outside to the school gate to wait for their guardians.
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