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Chapter 48 Opposite of What They Mean

  • But Shen Yu'an had forgotten that the legal counsel of Solare Technologies, Si Junyan, was a gossiper.
  • After he had heard the abstinent, cold Shen Yu'An mention the word 'woman', Si Junyan's gossip cells sprang into action and he excitedly queried, "Divorcee with a child?! Wow, wow! Mr. CEO, I can't believe that you would have such tastes! Must be a super beautiful chick to have stirred your 30-year-old virgin heart! Come, come! Here's your mic! Start spilling your story!"
  • Shen Yu'an had originally been greatly incensed by Su Meng. Now that he was being teased by his subordinate, his voice grew icier as he spoke. "Si Junyan, I am talking to you about business here! Act more professional!"
  • Si Junyan on the other end of the phone continued to joke, "Ah, provoked by a mere words? I can already see that it's true love. Don't be shy. Just say it. I won't laugh at you. Of course, being 30 years old and never having dated anyone is a bit embarrassing, but I'm only showing my care for you and your future!"
  • "Si Junyan, you better pack your backs and screw off!" Shen Yu'an's vein was visibly throbbing on his forehead.
  • "Alright, alright. I'm sorry. Cousin, I'm truly sorry. Truly. Don't be so cruel to me, okay? Don't fire me just because of a small issue. After all, I helped you build this company from bottom-up!" Si Junyan pleaded Shen Yu'an after hearing the latter's threat.
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