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Chapter 45 Play Cat and Mouse

  • After Su Meng had cleaned up the mess that Little Kai Kai had created, she stealthily walked up to Little Kai Kai's door, listened for any noises coming from within, discovered nothing, and cautiously walked in.
  • Su Meng fretted over the sight of the tray of food that had been untouched.
  • She sat on the edge of Little Kai Kai's bed and gingerly pulled the blanket downward to reveal his head.
  • With his deep sleep disturbed, he frustratingly wiggled around but accidentally grazed his injured buttocks.
  • He deeply knitted his brows, puckered his face, pursed his lips, and muttered, "Mama, it hurts!"
  • Woe filled her heart. She took out a topical medication and applied it on his injured buttocks.
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