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Chapter 43 Hitting the Buttocks

  • Su Meng took out the laptop which Little Kai Kai had used previously and a notebook, referred to her written notes, and, step by step, recovered the Little Kai Kai's deleted history, shocking Little Kai Kai in the process.
  • An page of records had been founded and recovered!
  • Included in it were the short donation text sent to Liu Liyun, the data which detailed Solare Technologies' firewall breach, and the files that had been stone from the company.
  • Each one of Little Kai Kai's crimes were displayed before Su Meng. Dizziness overwhelmed her.
  • She had never imagined that Little Kai Kai would do so such things behind her back, and each one of them could lead to major legal troubles.
  • Little Kai Kai was beyond astonished as he watched his Mama's fingers type away with ease. How could his Mama, who knew nothing about computers, possibly recover the data as if she was an expert?!
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