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Chapter 42 Know Everything

  • Su Meng had pressed Little Kai Kai against her with all her might, and Little Kai Kai's nose was now bruised because of the collision into her shoulder blade.
  • Little Kai Kai massaged his swollen nose and grew sad at the thought of his mother not having even glanced at the gift which he had readied for her. He began to icily criticize her.
  • "Mama, I am very angry with you! I had elaborately prepared this gift for you, yet you haven't even looked at it once! You also said that I am sick and need to eat medicine! You even bruised my nose! I'm extremely mad at you!"
  • Now in a calmer state, Su Meng briefly furrowed her brows but then soon glared at Little Kai Kai in disbelief. She stammered, "Shen Yu'an is the gift which you got for me?!"
  • She knew that her son was highly intelligent, but she had never anticipated he would end up finding his biological father and gift his father to his biological mother.
  • Can it be that...?
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