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Chapter 41 I Don't Know You

  • Su Meng bit down on her lips, held Little Kai Kai in her arms, avoided the pair of white canvas shoes by sidestepping them, and continued to walk towards the coffee house's exit.
  • Little Kai Kai grew displeased. It had taken great effort to find his Mama a rich yet short-life boyfriend. Now that he had arrived, his mother wanted to leave. Would this all be for naught then?
  • With effort, he tore away the arm that pressed against his shoulder and cried in a disgruntled manner, "Mama!"
  • His cry immediately led Su Meng's heart to jump out of her chest.
  • Her face instantly paled. She forcefully held Little Kai Kai even tighter and quickened her pace out the door.
  • Shen Yu'an had already known that this woman was a divorcee and had a five-year-old son when he had been checking KU's background. Thus, he had not been too surprised when he had heard the child say "Mama".
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