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Chapter 40 Seeing Each Other Again

  • After he had entered the house, Zhao Zhijun's eyes began to wander in search for someone. "Where's Little Kai? I got him lots of toys, and they're all brand new. He will like them for sure."
  • Su Meng crossed her arms over her chest as she sat down across from him. She replied with a blank expression on her face, "Zhao Zhijun, Kai Kai's not your child. He's that man's child."
  • She had assumed that according to Zhao Zhijun's big man attitude, he would be piqued and then leave.
  • To her surprise, not only was he not provoked by her words but he smiled even more brightly. "Meng Meng, I know that you resent me. But no matter how resentful you are, you cannot deny the fact that I am that child's biological father. Just look at Little Kai Kai. He obviously got his features from me. If he's not my child, then whose is he?"
  • "Are you blind?! If you want a child, get Liu Liyun to birth you one! Don't trouble us!"
  • Su Meng had no idea that Zhao Zhijun had changed this much within five years. He was now able to make up stories and believe in them.
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