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Chapter 4 Return to the Country

  • Five years later, Hai City's international airport.
  • A gentle female's voice was currently announcing the latest flight update, "Ladies and gentlemen, Flight CT078, departed from F Country's capital, has already landed at destination. Please be ready."
  • The people waiting by the arrival gate grew anxious.
  • A young female carrying a sign with "Designer Su Meng" written on it squeezed to the front of the front of the crowd.
  • Zhang Xiaoyun's eyes continuously scanned for a mature, elegantly-dressed woman walking out but found no one of that profile.
  • Rather, a woman donning a black bucket hat with luggage and a small child sitting on one of them attracted her attention. More accurately speaking, it was the woman's clothes that caught her eye.
  • From a fashion designer's perspective of the adult and the child, their matching clothes were conspicuous from head to toe.
  • The woman's body was lithe, but not the boring, average type.
  • Her outfit― F House's cropped tank with black letterings, C House's army-green, harlan ankle trousers, and beige boots―made her appear cool yet alluring at the same time.
  • Most noticeable was the woman's features. She had a heart-shaped face, bright and large eyes, a distinct nose bridge, and a petite mouth. Her look was comparable to those of famous celebrities.
  • Designers had always preferred models with outstanding frames but passable faces. This would project the beauty and highlights of the clothes on the model even further.
  • Models that were too beautiful would only attract the onlookers' attention to their faces and not the clothes.
  • The woman whom Zhang Xiaoyun gazed upon walked up to her and flashed a smile. "Hi, I'm Su Meng."
  • Caught off guard, Zhang Xiaoyun discreetly gulped and replied, "Ms. Su, welcome to Hai City!"
  • Before she had arrived at the airport, she had already known she had to pick up an impressive someone, one who had held two shows in Paris and won the past year's MF young designer award.
  • She had known that Su meng was young, but she had never imagined her to be this young and beautiful to boot!
  • Su Meng looked at the starry-eyed Zhang Xiaoyun and chuckled, "I'm actually a native of Hai City. Consider it a return trip."
  • She glanced around airport's surrounding area underneath the blue sky and glaring sunlight. Her heart grieved somewhat.
  • Four years had passed, yet here she was now.
  • She had previously left this city in a tragic state, but she had returned again with the new identity of a promising young designer known for her edgy designs.
  • Zhang Xiaoyun immediately corrected her previous remark and courteously stressed, "Welcome back home, Ms. Su! Your car is already here. Let's head this way!"
  • Su Meng nodded, then placed her hand over the Su Yankai's phone screen which he had been playing with this entire time, and rebuked him, "Kai Kai, what have you promised Mommy? If you play again, I'll get mad!"
  • Shocked, Zhang Xiaoyun had never thought that someone as young as Ms. Su would have a child this old already. Just from a glimpse of her body, she didn't seem like someone who had once carried a baby.
  • Zhao Xiaoyun became even more stunned, so much that she almost forgot to breathe, when the silent boy wearing the small bucket hat finally raised his head.
  • The boy wore a similar outfit as his mother, Su Meng. His top was a black t-shirt, his pants were army green, and on his feet were short, black boots.
  • But what made her unable to look away was his face. With deep-set eyes, a small but prominent nose bridge, thin but slightly pouted lips, and baby fat on his cheeks, this boy was the exact image of a little prince from children stories.
  • The little prince gripped his phone tightly, and his chubby fingers continued to dance away on the phone's touch screen. Without even looking up, he answered, "Mama, just wait for a bit. The program's almost completed. I'm on the last algorithm."