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Chapter 38 The Demand that Had Been Won Over

  • Little Kai Kai read the content of the email and couldn't help but break into a grin, reveal his two little front teeth.
  • He knew it. Things would go accordingly to his plan.
  • His fingers clicked away on the keyboard. "I want to meet Shen Yu'an face to face tomorrow at 11 A.M. at Haixing Building's coffee house on the lower level. I will let him destroy the file that I have at hand."
  • With a click of the enter key, the email had been successfully sent.
  • Little Kai Kai felt that he had just completed a task of great importance. He felt proud and excited.
  • Written on his face was jollity that was hard to mask. He ran in circles around his room, then ran out of his room while giggling, and gave Su Meng a bear hug.
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