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Chapter 37 Ku's Identity

  • Little Kai Kai knew that he was in possession of Solare Technologies' top-secret file and that they would undoubtedly email him back.
  • He had waited them for an entire day yesterday, so he would make them wait an entire day today as well.
  • Therefore, he purposefully had not brought his phone to school.
  • He couldn't help but be inwardly giddy at the thought of those Solare Technologies' people waiting for his reply as if there were ants in their pants.
  • As Su Yankai played happily in school, the cybersecurity team at Solare Technologies grew mad and restless. Every passing minute to them was the equivalent of a year.
  • "Just who is that KU?! Why hasn't he responded yet?! He wouldn't have sold the file, would he?!"
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