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Chapter 36 Extracted File

  • Solare Technologies' firewall was personally designed by CEO Shen Yu'an. There were a total of six walls. Every month over the six years, hackers would try to bypass them, but no one had ever been successful. The most successful one had bypassed two layers. Eventually, the hacker's computer ended up infected by malware and his real IP address had been exposed.
  • Shockingly, this person not only breached the six layers, he was also brazenly stealing their top-secret file! If this file was to fall in the wrong hands, their lives would be over!
  • Chills ran down the cybersecurity manager's back. His voice quivered. "Hurry, hurry, hurry! Cut off the power!"
  • That person's actions were just too fast! Six layers of firewall had already been breached! All they could do was to minimize the damage!
  • Everyone immediately went to the main power source and cut off all the company's electricity.
  • With the power source cut and the local area network disconnected, there was no way that the hacker would be able to lay a hand on any of their files.
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