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Chapter 35 Bypassing the Firewall

  • To his disappoint, after that email had been sent, as if it was a rock that had sunk to the bottom, the other party did not respond.
  • Little Kai Kai had waited for an entire day but there had been no reply from the other side. Sensing that he had been underestimated, Little Kai Kai wore a constant sullen expression at school. Even his teacher did not dare to approach him.
  • When Su Meng arrived to pick him up, she noticed that he was angry like a puffer fish. She was afraid that something had happened to him in class.
  • Teacher Wang whispered, "Yankai's Mother, talk to your son when you reach home. He has been in a foul mood since this afternoon. Even his classmates don't dare to talk to him."
  • "Did he have some sort of conflict with them?"
  • "No. He was still fine before lunchtime. After he woke up from his noon nap, Yankai became unhappy. Yankai's Mother, have a chat with him. Figure out what's going on."
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