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Chapter 33 Xiao Lin's Punishment

  • Retrieving the CCTV tapes would take a while. It was noon when Pier let everyone go. When he had the results, he would notify Su Meng through email.
  • Before leaving though, Pier stressed, "I hope that every single person here is focused on serving the best interests of this company. The company will not tolerate such a thing to ever happen again! Once I find out who's the culprit, I will make sure that he or she will be brought to justice!"
  • Terrified, tears began to streak down Xiao Lin's face. Her grip on Lin Xiyu's sleeve tightened.
  • By this time, people have noticed Xiao Lin's strange behavior.
  • Pier took a long good look at her and swiftly walked out without further comment.
  • Lin Xiyu glared at the shivering Xiao Lin and hastily followed Pier out of the conference room.
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