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Chapter 32 Conclusion of the Meeting

  • Su Meng then took out a report on the monthly sales for the last 2 years. "Ever since F Country's H&G and other well-known fashion brands opened their offices in C Country, our sales have shrunk. This means that we cannot just rely on designs that chase after trends. Otherwise, we will lose further market share."
  • Everyone fell into a silence as they watched the sales growth decline in the graph as shown on the screen.
  • Pier waved his hand. "Su, onward with your concept then."
  • Su Meng nodded and began, "My fall-winter collection theme is on "Dance of the Snowflakes". The target audience is the recent graduates. The design of the clothes will alternate between casual and elegance. The main elements used here are urbanism and snow.
  • This time when Su Meng had spoken, all the attendees in the conference listened to her with seriousness.
  • She was very detailed with her presentation and had spent meticulous time with her research. She articulated coherently and logically, prompting many of her listeners to delve deeper into her concept.
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