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Chapter 31 Desire for Change

  • A designer's designs had to sell in the market. This was fundamental knowledge that every designer had been schooled in. The professor would always emphasize to design clothes that could be worn by a sizeable target audience.
  • Everyone thought that it was embarrassing of Su Meng to not know this despite being a designer who had been transferred to here from HQ.
  • As Pier and the others glanced at the elegantly dressed woman wearing an oversized coat, a pencil skirt, and high-heel boots, they couldn't help but whisper their controversial thoughts.
  • "Hasn't our company always been focused on young women? This outfit's too elegant and mature. Did Designer Su get our target audience wrong?"
  • "I thought she would be somewhat capable since she had been sent over here by HQ. I can't believe that she would even mistake our audience for another group."
  • Pier immediately knitted his brows, glowered at Su Meng, crossed his arms over his chest, and demanded, "Su, please be more professional!"
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