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Chapter 30 Lost Portfolio

  • Su Meng thought that she had misplaced it, so she checked everywhere inside and outside the pantry room.
  • Nothing.
  • She had clearly remembered after setting down Little Kai Kai, she had carried her cup and portfolio out the door, walked towards the pantry room, and placed her portfolio on the nearby coffee table. So why had it suddenly disappeared?
  • Other colleagues at this point in time were heading downstairs to the conference room. One of them noticed Su Meng, dazed in the pantry room, and reminded her, "Designer Su, there are five minutes left before the meeting will begin. Let's go."
  • Su Meng forced herself to smile back and replied, "You guys go down first. I'll be there right away."
  • She then turned around, took several deep breaths, and calmed down.
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