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Chapter 3 Leaving the Country

  • Dazed, Su Meng stood by the roadside with her luggages. She realized that she had nowhere to turn to.
  • Her mother was sitll angry with her, and she did not want to further upset her sick mother.
  • Not to mention, that wasn't her home. It was her stepfather's.
  • The keys to the two houses were in Zhao Zhijun's possession. She could not enter.
  • Therefore, the only place that she could stay at was the hotel.
  • She had just founded a nearby hotel and prepared to book a room, but then realized that she did not have sufficient balance in her Alipay account.
  • She could only shyly mutter to the desk receptionist who was growing more impatiently, "Sorry. Really sorry." Dispirited, she dragged her luggage out of the hotel.
  • She found an ATM machine and checked every single card in her wallet. To her dismay, most of her money had vanished. Her available balance had been reduced to two digits.
  • Holding her bank cards, she slid to the ground, buried her head in her arms, and sobbed miserably.
  • Zhao Zhijun knew the pass code to her cards, and they were all bound to his phone number. Therefore, he had to be one who had withdrawn all her money.
  • She had trusted him unconditionally in the past, but after today's ordeal, she had realized just how stupid she had been!
  • She and Zhao Zhijun had known each other for 8 years, dated for 6, and been married for only half a year. She had poured her heart out for him, yet he had treated her so cruelly. Did he really want her to end up with nothing?
  • Su Meng had continued to crouch down and cried until the phone rang.
  • She didn't want to pick it up at first. She just wanted to be at peace, but the phone continuously rang, and she eventually picked it up.
  • The caller was her best friend, Yuan Xinlei.
  • Upon hearing Yuan Xinlei's voice, her eyes grew misty again and she could no longer control the grievance welling up inside her. "Lei Lei, wah!"
  • Yuan Xinlei immediately grew anxious after she had her cry. "Where are you right now? I'm coming to get you. Stay there and don't move!"
  • Su Meng reported the address to her and within half an hour, she spotted her bright red sports car.
  • Yuan Xinlei looked at Su Meng pitifully standing by the roadside with luggage and bags around her. Her eyes immediately reddened, and she rushed up to hug Su Meng.
  • She then helped Su Meng put her belongings in the car and handed a tissue to Su Meng who was still tearing up. "What happened?"
  • Su Meng subsequently told everything that had happened to Yuan Xinlei.
  • Yuan Xinlei had always treated Su Meng like a sister. After she had heard her being bullied by Zhao Zhijun to this extent, Yuan Xinlei grew livid, turned her car around, and drove Su Meng to Zhao Zhijun's house. Along the way, she also called a few of her bodyguards over to help.
  • They knocked on the door, and to their surprise, the one who opened it was none other than Liu Liyun in a nightdress.
  • Su Meng immediately snapped out of her daze after she had glimpsed Liu Liyun and connected the dots.
  • Liu Liyun's apperance was the last straw for Su Meng. She grew so furoius that she completely lost her rationality and raised a hand to grab Liu Liyun by the hair. "Liu Liyun, you bitch! How dare you and that bastard Zhao Zhijun swindle me!"
  • However, Liu Liyun was no sheep either. She avoided Su Meng's grasp and, in retaliation, slapped her. "Su Meng, don't blame me just because you can't control your man! Zhijun was long sickened by your whiny, boohoo, princessy attitude!"
  • Yuan Xinlei could no longer tolerate the scene anymore and viciously kicked Liu Liyun. She then motioned the bodyguards behind her and commanded, "Smash this place up!"
  • The five to six burly bodyguards marched into the house and with no regard to the shrieking and growling of Liu Liyun and Zhao Zhijun, they made a complete mess of the room. While they were at it, they also brought back the phone stored with Su Meng’s photos.
  • Yuan Xinlei's family background was quite prominent, and she wasn't someone an ordinary person like Zhao Zhijun could afford to offend. With their house in a mess and their bodies injured, they could only quietly suppress their indignation.
  • Yuan Xinlei looked at the expressionless Su Meng smashing Zhao Zhijun's phone to smithereens and warily asked her, "Meng Meng, I already asked my lawyer. The chances of getting back your houses and money are slim. Do you want to travel abroad with me and put this all behind you?"
  • Su Meng glanced at the cloudless blue sky and nodded. "Yeah."
  • This place no longer had anyone nor anything worth lingering around for. Going abroad might be a good idea.
  • That day, at the international airport of Hai City, there was one more heart-broken woman on board the plane bound for F Country.