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Chapter 279 Afraid Of Him Getting Hurt

  • There was another boy in the office with Su Yankai, and his injuries seemed a lot worse in comparison.
  • His clothes were all torn, and he was sobbing uncontrollably as he informed his father on the phone, “Dad, I've been beaten up at school! Come over quickly! You need to teach him a lesson!”
  • Shen Yu'an walked straight up to Su Yankai and kneeled down to examine the wound on his cheek. He then pulled out a handkerchief and gently dabbed at the wound. “Are you injured anywhere else?” he asked with a frown.
  • With tears in his eyes, Su Yankai bit down on his lip and shook his head.
  • It pained Shen Yu'an to see him like this. Ignoring Su Yankai's struggles, he forcefully scooped him into his arms and began walking toward the door.
  • Seeing that, the teacher quickly stopped him by saying, “Mr. Shen, you can't leave until the boy's father gets here!”
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