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Chapter 274 She Is To Blame

  • Su Meng recalled with a sinking feeling the months of preparation she had put in for the show and could not help feeling resentful at the occurrence of the accident. She was so gloomy that she had forgotten all about looking presentable before her husband.
  • I hope that their injuries aren't that serious.
  • With a sigh of pity, she exited the washroom with her shoulders slumped before they perked up again almost immediately upon detecting the scent of breakfast.
  • Since the accident the night before, Su Meng had been busy accompanying her husband and son to the hospital and dealing with her mother-in-law's outburst to such an extent that she had not spared her hunger any thought.
  • Up until that point, Su Meng had gone over twenty hours without a meal. Even the crisp smell of freshly prepared breakfast sent her salivary glands into overdrive.
  • Shen Yu'an gazed with amusement at Su Meng whose eyes were wide with longing. “Come, join us.”
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