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Chapter 26 Finding a Boyfriend

  • Su Meng carried the two pieces of pastries and excitedly rushed home. "Darling, come see what Mama got for you."
  • "What did you bring back?" It was Yuan Xinlei, sitting in her living room, who answered her. On the other hand, Little Kai Kai, who usually waited to welcome her home, was nowhere to be found.
  • She swept a glance around the room and asked, "Where's my son?"
  • Yuan Xinlei motioned his room with a pout of her lips and replied, "Your son is just too smart. Once he heard from me that you went on a blind date, he assumed that you wanted to find him a new dad. After he finished dinner, he returned to his room. Hurry up and coax him."
  • Su Meng placed down her bag and the pastries, knocked on Little Kai Kai's door, and queried, "Darling, it's Mama. May I come in?"
  • Inside the room was Little Kai Kai and his notebook. His fingers quickly tapped away to change the website on his screen, and then the search engine Baidu appeared. On the search bar was the following, "Will Mama love me after marriage?" Little Kai Kai finally answered, "Mama, you may enter."
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