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Chapter 25 Blind Date Mix-Up Part 2

  • The sunglasses man opened his mouth in preparation to speak, but Su Meng's phone rang aloud.
  • He watched as Su Meng pick up the call and spoke melodiously, "Hello, darling. Are you home yet?"
  • Upset, Little Kai Kai complained to her, "Mama, are you looking for a dad for me?"
  • Little Kai Kai might be young in age, but he was well-versed in using Google and Baidu. As a result, he had vast knowledge stored in that little brain of his. He didn't want another man to come between him and his Mama. Upon hearing from his godmother that his mother had gone on a blind date, Little Kai Kai grew perturbed.
  • Su Meng didn't want to discuss this with Little Kai Kai in front of her date. She gently comforted him, "Darling, you misunderstood. Mama's coming home right now. I even bought you your favorite chocolate donut. Don't be upset, okay?"
  • "Then hurry home. I miss you."
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