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Chapter 24 Blind Date Mix-Up Part 1

  • After she had everything planned out, Su Meng called Yuan Xinlei and asked her to pick Little Kai Kai from school.
  • Yuan Xinlei teased her on the other end of the call, "Huh.... What's Mama Su doing so late? Not bringing your precious baby with you? Aren't you afraid that he'll be jealous?"
  • Su Meng then relayed the entire story to Yuan Xinlei.
  • "Randomly set up a blind date for you? What is your mom doing?! If she wants you to go, she should at least inform you on what that guy is like! It's so sudden! Very fishy!"
  • Yuan Xinlei had never liked Su Meng's mother because she always thought that her mother had treated Su Meng too indifferently. "Meng Meng, how about turning this down? No matter how I look like it, it's very bizarre."
  • "My mom already told me that I must go. Otherwise, she'll get angry. This is the first time in forever that she contacted me. I don't want to disappoint her," Su Meng adamantly stated.
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