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Chapter 232 No Ring

  • After Shen Yu’an posted a photo of their marriage certificate online, most of the comments were from well wishers, but there were also many who were very upset by the post.
  • Especially the one living right next to the Shen house. Lin Xin had a crush on Shen Yu’an for more than ten years now, and she couldn’t stop crying when she saw the post.
  • She locked herself in the room and wailed as she covered herself in her blanket, “It’s impossible, none of this is real! Anan can only marry me! He wouldn’t marry that woman! My Anan!”
  • Her parents got very anxious when they heard how terribly their daughter was crying and was really worried that she might do something foolish.
  • “Xinxin, open the door, don’t do anything foolish!”
  • “Shen Yu’an is married but there are plenty of wonderful men waiting for you out there. Why miss the forest for this one tree?”
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