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Chapter 227 The Usefulness of Papa

  • Shen Yu’an looked at his teary eyed son and suddenly remembered he had felt something at his leg earlier, but he just guiltily hung his head and didn’t dare to say anything.
  • Su Meng just thought that Su Yankai had shifted in his sleep and ended up rolling off the bed himself. She ran over to pick Su Yankai up from the floor and gently consoled him, “It’s alright, all is well, all is well. I didn’t kick you on purpose. You were the one who moved too much in your sleep and somehow ended up near my feet.”
  • Su Yankai knew that he moved a lot in his sleep too, but he started smiling again after his dearest Mama consoled him.
  • So he considered this case closed.
  • But because Shen Yu’an was still guilty about kicking his own son off the bed, he was extra gentle towards Su Yankai over breakfast.
  • “Son, let me pour you a glass of milk. It’s hot, so I’ll blow it for you first.”
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