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Chapter 219 My Wife Has a Fear of Heights

  • Xinjing Revolving Restaurant was located on the top floor of a renowned 50 story building in Hai City. It was one of the most high end restaurants in the city because of its unrivaled view and master chefs.
  • In order for average folk to dine at the restaurant, other than a deep wallet, a reservation had to be made two days in advance.
  • It was already lunchtime but there were scarcely any patrons by the door, and only two middle-aged men dressed in suits stood there.
  • One of the men, was a plump one and he swiftly stepped forward saw Shen Yu'an exiting the lift. He greeted Shen Yu’an enthusiastically, “Welcome to our restaurant, Mr Shen. It’s an honor to have you here!”
  • As he spoke, he reached out to shake Shen Yu'an’s hand.
  • Shen Yu'an was not a fan of overly warm strangers, so he retreated slightly and took a step back.
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