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Chapter 214 The Masses Giving Tips to Coax His Wife

  • It was the first time Shen Yu'an ever got so furious and even smashed the teacup on the table.
  • “Don’t these paparazzi have anything better to do? My fight is none of their fucking business! Si Junyan, sue them right now for following me!”
  • It was the first time Si Junyan caught Shen Yu'an so angry that he swore.
  • Shen Yu'an was the one who said swearing was the most low-class way to get angry.
  • He grew slightly more curious about Su Meng now. What did this woman do to make his usually cold and calm faced cousin this angry?
  • “Fine, you’re the company CEO, so you can sue anyone you like. But I’m curious, did you honestly get into a fight with Su Meng?
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