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Chapter 21 SMS Link Connected

  • Liu Liyun parked her car into the garage. When she had gotten out, she swept a glance at the 58,000 limited-edition Barbie doll lying in the backseat.
  • Livid that she had spent 58,000 for a stupid toy and that her niece had not been able to complete such a simple task, Liu Liyun exploded with fury and furiously threw the Barbie doll away.
  • The well-packaged doll was consequently smashed into pieces on the ground.
  • She grew even angrier at the thought of Su Meng.
  • Ever since she had returned to the country, nothing had gone right for Liu Liyun. Money was burned each time.
  • This time might not have worked, but she would find the opportune time to catch Su Meng off guard and humiliate her for good.
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