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Chapter 206 Put On Cling Wrap

  • At the sight of her son using a crutch to get the door for her while Su Meng sat calmly on the couch, Mrs Shen was annoyed again.
  • But she didn’t utter a word about it with Shen Yu'an around and only handed him a roll of cling wrap. “You hurt your leg, so the cast can’t get wet. Before you bathe, remember to put on some cling wrap.”
  • Although Su Meng sat silently on the couch as she watched Mrs Shen, she knew full well what Mrs Shen was driving at in her heart.
  • Mrs Shen came especially over to bring cling wrap because she was afraid she would pull a fast one about Shen Yu'an’s bath, so she was here to rush her.
  • Shen Yu'an took the cling wrap without saying anything.
  • Mrs Shen glanced at Su Meng, who was sitting inside the room and said mildly, “Yu’an, since your leg hasn’t recovered yet, wash up and rest early.”
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