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Chapter 205 Your Mom Told You to Bathe

  • Mrs Shen muttered without giving it much thought, “It just makes you two sound like strangers when you call your husband by his full name. I don’t know what you youngsters are thinking.”
  • Su Meng secretly heaved a sigh of relief that Mrs Shen did not keep questioning her or force her to change her ways.
  • This fussy, nosy, stingy yet observant mother-in-law was starting to become unbearable.
  • Su Yankai was playing with his head lowered when Su Meng quickly patted him and eyed him swiftly.
  • After catching his mother’s distress signal, Su Yankai instantly hugged his grandmother, who was rambling nonstop and whined childishly, “Grandma, I want to go the conservatory. Take me there?”
  • A conservatory was specially built in the house because Mrs Shen adored gardening. She cared so much about the flowers in there that no one else was usually allowed to enter.
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