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Chapter 204 A Question of Salutation

  • Su Yankai found his grandmother’s apology particularly insincere, but since his mother was glaring at him so threateningly, he nodded his head reluctantly, “I’m not angry with Grandma anymore. Let’s play Chinese rings, Grandma.”
  • Mrs Shen beamed brightly, “That’s wonderful! Grandma will play with you.”
  • Su Meng sat on the side and watched how Mrs Shen was completely liberal with her son. She wanted to sigh.
  • What if Yankai got led astray by a grandmother like her?
  • And as if Mrs Shen was aware that Su Meng was griping about her in her heart, she promptly dropped a bombshell on her.
  • “Su Meng, you must remember to bathe Yu’an later. He cares about hygiene and doesn’t like the smell of antiseptic, so he’ll need a good shower after getting discharged from the hospital today.”
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