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Chapter 20 Is This Child Mine?

  • Su Meng thought it was a close friend when she had first heard her name being called out, so she turned around with a smile. However, after she had seen that it was Zhao Zhijun, her expression turned somber.
  • She had no desire at all to want to speak to this cheating ex-husband and even wanted to throw up at the sight of him.
  • She held Little Kai Kai, turned around, and walked towards the street to fetch a taxi.
  • Zhao Zhijun's heated interest wasn't the least dashed by Su Meng's coldness. Rather, he strode up to them and fervently greeted her, "Meng Meng, long time no see. You've changed a lot."
  • Su Meng then walked a few steps to the side and continued to hail a taxi, not wanting to pay any heed to Zhao Zhijun.
  • Yet, Zhao Zhijun continued to pester her. His eyes had never wandered away from the child in her arms. "Meng Meng, I know that I have wronged against you. Your despise for me is natural. However, you should have at least mentioned the existence of our child!"
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