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Chapter 2 Divorce

  • Hai City's Number One People's Hospital.
  • With reddened eyes, Su Meng nervously stared at her mom who lay motionless on the hospital bed, oblivious to the condemnation of her relatives.
  • The only thing that she wished for was for her mom to be alright. Otherwise, she would never be able to forgive herself.
  • Time ticked by slowly as if minutes were years. She hadn't known how long she had waited before she glimpsed her mom's finger twitch. Su Meng even thought that it was a mere trick of the eyes.
  • A moment later, her mom gradually opened her eyes, and Su Meng jumped for joy. "Mom!"
  • Upon hearing Su Meng, everyone surrounded them and began to chatter, "She's awake! She's awake!"
  • Su Meng helped her mom carefully sit up, noticed her chapped lips, and placed a cup to her mouth. "Mom, here. Have some water."
  • All of a sudden, Mama Su violently shoved her and chided, "Get out of my sight! Get out right now! I don't have a shameless daughter like you!"
  • Su Ment fell to the floor, and tears gathered in her eyes. "Mom..."
  • Mama Su pointed to the door and shouted, "Scram!"
  • Su Meng's stepfather held his quivering, ashen-faced spouse, looked at the pitiful Su Meng, and waved her away. "Meng Meng, you should leave. Don't make your mom any angrier."
  • The other relatives dragged her out the room and added, "Meng Meng, be good. Your mom's still not feeling well. Don't provoke her!"
  • Su Meng wiped the tears from her eyes and replied, "Mom, I'm leaving then. I'll see you later!"
  • Before Su Meng could finish, Mama Su had thrown a cup at her feet and screamed, "Get out!"
  • Fatigued, Su Meng returned home only to see a sullen Zhao Zhijun sitting on the sofa with two full suitcases by his feet.
  • Tears instantly streamed down her face. She gripped onto shoe shelf to prop herself up and pleaded, "I know that you won't believe me no matter what I say, but I have to say it. I was with Liyun last night at the hotel to retrieve something. It was Liyun who drugged me! To think that she was this conniving all along!"
  • Last night, Liu Liyun had called her to accompany her to get something from the hotel. The two of them had been roommates during their senior year, so Su Meng hadn't thought much about her request. When Su Meng had entered the room and drank a glass of water, she passed out shortly after.
  • She couldn't understand why Liu Liyun would do such an evil thing to her.
  • Zhao Zhijun coldly laughed. "Don't push the blame onto another person. I already packed your things for you, so get out! I never want to see your revolting face again!"
  • Su Meng's face instnatly paled. If not for the shoe shelf, she would falter.
  • She took a deep breath, suppressed the grief welling up inside of her, and responded, "I'll leave, but give the other house back to me. Our savings shall be equally split."
  • Zhao Zhijun looked at her as if she was psychotic. "You nuts?! We are already divorced! The house and money belong to me! What do you mean by equally split?"
  • Su Meng glanced at him in utter disbelief and snorted, "Our new house's down payment of 2,000,000 was paid by my father! It's his hard-earned money! The other house was also paid with my old house's demolition and relocation money! How can you be so cruel?!"
  • Su Meng was a native of Hai City. Her father had passed away when she was in university, and her grandmother had passed a year ago. Her mother and her father had divorced long ago; thus, her father's and grandmother's inheritance were passed onto her.
  • The old house which her grandmother had left her had been demolished this month. The indemnity was 8,000,000 and an apartment.
  • Recently, Hai City passed a policy that limited the number of houses one could buy. The housing prices inflated excessively from an average of 50,000 per square meter to 60,000 square meter.
  • Zhao Zhijun had said that with the rapid inflation, putting 8,000,000 into the bank was a waste and that they should invest in another house instead. The plan had been for them to divorce, use Zhao Zhijun's name to receive the 30% deduction in down payment, and Su Meng would be able to buy another apartment.
  • Noticing the boom of the housing market, Su Meng had instantly agreed to Zhao Zhijun's idea.
  • As a result, their circles of family and friends had joked about how they were obsessed with house buying.
  • Because it had been a fake divorce, the two had their divorce certificates but still lived together. Their money and houses had not been legally divided.
  • Who would have thought that something such as yesterday would ever happen.
  • Zhao Zhijun threw his phone on the table, crossed his arms across the chest, and glowered at her. "Don't even think about trying to take a cent away from me! Otherwise, the only thing that you'll get is this picture!"
  • Zhao Zhijun's phone displayed a picture of Su Meng. It was when Zhao Zhijun had coaxed her to take a picture of the bed scene.
  • Su Meng was flabbergasted.
  • Was this all his doing from the very start?