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Chapter 193 He, the Real Bourgeoisie

  • Su Meng was a little stunned. She looked at Lin Xin and saw that Lin Xin really looked like she was about to break down and cry.
  • She wasn’t interested in playing petty games with a young girl. Lin Xin was very honest about her liking for Shen Yu’an, and she had also expressed her dislike very clearly. She had only said a few unpleasant things anyway so Su Meng didn’t really mind it.
  • When she looked at Lin Xin’s expression, she felt as if she had ganged up with Shen Yu’an to bully a young lady.
  • “This soup is Miss Lin’s concern for you. Drink it yourself, I’m not hungry anyway.”
  • Shen Yu’an didn’t know why Su Meng was being so awkward. He raised his voice a little and sounded aggressive as he said, “Alright now, come over and eat. You don’t have to be polite with me.”
  • Su Meng had no choice but to take the flask over and sat down on the chair on the other side of the bed.
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