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Chapter 192 Thanks for the Kind Intentions

  • When she saw the lunchbox on the table, Su Meng felt that the flask in her hand seemed unnecessary.
  • But since she had already come, turning to leave despite reaching the door wasn’t her style either.
  • She suppressed the disappointment in her heart and smiled as she walked over to Shen Yu’an’s bedside while still holding the flask. “I suppose you’ve already eaten, so I’ll have the pig trotter soup I made all to myself then.”
  • Before Shen Yu’an could say anything, Lin Xin, who was standing by the bed and all dolled up, smiled and looked straight at Su Meng. She looked like she was challenging Su Meng and even her words were prickly.
  • “Oh my, Miss Su, Anan’s stomach isn’t too good so he can’t take something as oily as pig trotter soup. Don’t you know?”
  • The smile on Su Meng’s face was a little stiff as she held onto the flask and wasn’t sure what to do.
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