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Chapter 190 Peeling Prawns for Her

  • Su Meng couldn’t wait to just leave.
  • She was worried about Shen Yu’an, so she came to the hospital during her lunch hour and didn’t even eat anything.
  • It only made sense that she was hungry.
  • But what made her really angry was that even though she was angry with Shen Yu’an, this lousy stomach of hers caved in just because she could smell food.
  • She clutched her handbag tightly and spoke stiffly, “I’m hungry, so I’ll be off first.”
  • Li didn’t dare to let Su Meng leave while his boss was still angry. Before Shen Yu’an could say anything, Li quickly cut in, “Madam, why don’t you eat with CEO Shen first? I’ll pack another portion from the hotel. Is there anything you don’t eat?”
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