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Chapter 189 My Husband

  • Su Meng was a little worried about Shen Yu’an’s injury and asked the doctor, “Doctor, how’s my…husband’s leg?”
  • She had said the word ‘husband’ extra softly. So soft that the doctor wouldn’t have heard it if he wasn’t standing right next to her.
  • The doctor pushed up the metal rimmed glasses on his face and ignored Shen Yu’an’s sharp glance at him. He used his authority as a responsible doctor and briefly went through how Shen Yu’an had caused the cast to shift as a result of vigorous activity and needed a new cast.
  • At the end, he sternly told Su Meng, “Mrs Shen, if you want CEO Shen to get well faster, then he has to be more careful. CEO Shen might be very busy at times and forget because of his work. But as family members, you have to take care of him and make sure that cast doesn’t move again. This time he was lucky that the injured bones weren’t affected. In serious cases, he might not be able to walk again, so you have to take this seriously!”
  • Su Meng couldn’t even lift her head after the doctor said all this and she nodded along like a little chicken pecking at grain, “Yes yes, I will remember these. Thank you Doctor.”
  • Shen Yu’an didn’t expect the doctor to just blurt everything out.
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